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3rd Gen Megacab Dodge Ram Rear Door Switch Panels (2006-2008)

3rd Gen Megacab Dodge Ram Rear Door Switch Panels (2006-2008)

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Direct replacement for the window switch bezel in a late 3rd Gen Dodge Ram Megacab (2006-2008 trucks).

Comes with 1x driver's side and 1x passenger side window switch bezel. Electronic window switches are NOT included.

 Also included are flexible tray inserts for easy cleaning and removal of the bottom tray, a long with switch bezel inserts for a soft touch around the window switch.

Soft Window switch bezel and tray insert may require gluing for permanent attachment. Surface finish may be compromised due to print bed surface impregnation in the plastic. The PETG-CF plastic is easily able to be sanded or painted for a more refined finish.

Please check color before ordering. Dark gray is the closest match to the factory gray. Restocking fee of 10% added to returns for color swap.

Please allow up to 1 week for processing time.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Cheryl Showalter
Good try but NO cigar

This is the third set I recieved and I really want to give Adam a good review, because he a very nice kind person. But as to the product it's self...the material is to brittle and breaks with the slightest of pressure. And being you have to put pressure to snap it in does not work. This last set I was able to get it on the door with broken tabs. Now the color and finish are a whole other can of worms. I was told to sand and paint thanks.
Like I said Adam I really want to give good feed back ...but without honesty things will not got closer this time. But it's still not right.
Blessings! Cheryl in Oregon

Trace Moorhead
Better than broken factory part

Looks like 3D Printed part as it should, it fits a bit sloppy in the door but is still better than the broken factory piece that was in there

Michael Uehli
megacab door handles

they look nice but the plastic is thin and breaks when you try to slip the switch into it. The switch also sits too low in the bezel. and the bezel doesn't have the same curvature as the door panel so there is a slight gap under the center of it.

Zebulin Lee
Great heart considering

These parts are great they're good they're strong they're arguably better in strength then the OEM only problem I have with them is the quality control that being said you can not find OEM or aftermarket parts for the same price. Personally I rate these at a 4.5 star and would be five if they take a little time to finesse to make them a little better with grinding or 3D printing them closer to OEM spec . but for 40 bucks when I bought them is really hard to complain that being said I'm looking forward to buying the carbon fiber kit and I hope they are better built hoping for a better quality control especially for 300 + bucks that being said it is hard to find parts for older rigs and it's nice to have somebody doing something and I commend them for that and I hope they strive to improve. I look forward to doing further business with them in the future

Wade Myers
My review, per the request of SVT!

They looked great & the color was exactly what I was looking for!

Thanks guys!
P.S. please keep me posted on the carbon fiber radio bezel so I can replace the older wood style like I was able to do on all 4 door inserts!!